PODCAST: Weak wages, taxing the banks, and the Trump market slump

(L-R) AMP Capital chief economist Shane Oliver, with Business Insider’s markets correspondent David Scutt and editor-in-chief Paul Colgan.

A bit of volatility returned to markets last week, triggered by mounting uncertainty over the future of Donald Trump’s presidency and his ability to deliver on his planned economic policies.

Politics has undoubtedly become a more important force in global markets over the past year, and in Australia there have been shades of this recently — the share prices of the major banks have shed billions in value after it emerged emerged the federal government is planning to impose a new tax on them.

Also in Australia we’ve had another set of weak wage price data and yet another month of part-time roles driving all the net job creation across the economy.

To discuss all of this and more – including how artificial intelligence and machine learning are set to reshape economies – we’re joined by Shane Oliver, head of investment strategy and chief economist at AMP Capital.

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