PODCAST: With Treasurer Scott Morrison on fintech, central banks, and the changing workforce

Treasurer Scott Morrison, centre, with BI’s Paul Colgan, left, and David Scutt, right.

One of the biggest talking points in global economics and markets circles in recent months has been an increasing sense that unorthodox monetary policy settings from central banks are failing to result in the kind of growth and inflation levels that they are intended to deliver.

With the global demand outlook and associated business and consumer confidence crucial for Australia’s continuing economic transition – and the government’s ability to repair the budget deficit – we are joined on the Devils and Details podcast by federal Treasurer Scott Morrison to hear his views on the challenges ahead.

On the packed agenda:

  • The technology meltdown for the ASX
  • Australia’s jobs data
  • Fintech and the major banks
  • The limits of monetary stimulus and where governments now fit in
  • Welfare reform
  • Wages growth and the rise of part-time employment
  • Heat in the housing market
  • Footy finals season

You can find the show on iTunes where you can subscribe, rate us, and leave a review. Or you can listen in below. Enjoy!

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