PODCAST: The art of finding, hiring, and leading great people

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High quality people aren’t trawling the internet looking for work.

As Gregory Robinson, a founder at Blenheim Partners and a headhunter with two decades of experience, puts it: “They’re busy being successful”.

So how do you find them?

“They’ve got to receive that phone call on a Thursday night as they drive their car home to see their family, from a headhunter [or a leader] saying ‘I’ve got a dream – your name has been given to me as someone who could really fit and work with me. Can we discuss that?”

And this is just the beginning – there’s a negotiation to come, sometimes followed by a deal. The challenge then is ensuring that top performer stays productive and happy in their work.
“Top talent has got to be managed in a different way,” Robinson says. Standard performance reviews might not work. “If we’re going to apply the same principles to everybody else, why should they stick around long-term? These people want to add value.”

Finding, recruiting, developing and keeping great people is a challenge for every business. In this episode of Foundations, our podcast on entrepreneurship and better business, Robinson, who consults to a wide range of Australian corporates on people management, shares his insights on getting the most out of talented staff, and how to find them in the first place.

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