Internet radio star says Google stole his music for an ad

Google released a new ad for its Chromebook laptop and one person is extremely upset about it: Tom Scharpling, creator of the The Best Show with Tom Scharpling, a popular music, call-in, and comedy Internet radio show/podcast.

Scharpling tells Business Insider that the lyric is his and Google never contacted him about using it. 

Scharpling is known for an ongoing joke on his show, a song he wrote and repeatedly performed called “Come on Y’All It’s Time to Have Fun.”

Here’s a clip of him singing it via a tweet:

And while the Google commercial isn’t a complete mimic of the music or the words, it does feature a similarly funky song with the lyric, “Come on now, let’s have big fun.”

Here’s the YouTube video causing the uproar.  

After seeing the ad, Scharpling tweeted angrily about it on Thursday.


Scharpling told us he plans to pursue legal action. He sent us this statement, explaining what he thinks about Google and why he’s so upset, which, we note, is written in the extreme style of a comedian:

When I hear elements of The Best Show in other comedy I’m usually flattered, because there are certainly elements of other comedy and comedians in The Best Show. But this is not a matter of influence or parallel thinking. This is a case of straight up thievery.

Google is a terrible company whose crimes against humanity are legion. And shamelessly ripping off content from a radio show that I have written and performed for free over the last fifteen years is merely their latest shameful act.

I will be pursuing this matter to the fullest extent of the law.

We’ve reached out to Google for comment. 

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