PODCAST: Spaceship super, property prices, the Fed, and Australian jobs

(L-R): BI’s Paul Colgan, David Scutt, and ABC Bullion’s Jordan Eliseo

It’s been a big week, with global markets rousing from their recent slumber on the Fed decision to finally lift interest rates, and with Australia posting a surprisingly terrible set of jobs data for February.

Australia has also seen a welcome conversation about superannuation ahead of the official launch of Spaceship, the tech-focused super fund targeting millennials.

And then of course there’s the never ending discussion around the housing markets in Sydney and Melbourne, kicked forward this week by reports the government is considering allowing young people to access their retirement savings in order to put a deposit on a house.

To discuss all of this we’re joined by Jordan Eliseo, chief economist at ABC Bullion, a precious metals supplier and financial services provider. Eliseo shares his insightful views on the state of Australia’s economy and a range of current market themes, as well as his assessment of Spaceship.

And as you can see from the photo, the brought a $50,000 piece of gold bullion with him.