PODCAST: The pilot who managed the crisis on QF32 talks about handling pressure and making better decisions

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Paul Colgan speaks with Richard de Crespigny. Rick Salter

Resilience is a critical capability for dealing with a crisis, both at work and in life.

But as Richard de Crespigny points out, it’s not something anyone is born with. It must be learned.

De Crespigny knows more than most about staying in control and making decisions in a high-stress, high-stakes environment. This month marks eight years since he successfully and safely landed a Qantas A380 flying out of Singapore that suffered a massive engine failure, triggering cascading systems failures and severely reducing control of the aircraft.

This year he has released a new book, FLY — Life Lessons from the Cockpit of QF32 — which details some of the strategies and techniques he used on the day to improve decision-making, manage stress, and safely land the plane.

On this week’s episode of the Devils and Details podcast he joins us to talk about his belief that these lessons can not just improve anyone’s ability to perform under pressure, but also make people more successful in the good times, both personally and professionally.

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With many failures in the business world often blamed on faulty or inadequate, de Crespigny discusses the difference between following a process and making good decisions. He also talks about techniques for self-regulation, and how to “fail well”, or learn from day to day minor errors to continuously improve processes and be more in control.

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