PODCAST: One of Australia’s most successful startup CEOs explains how he manages his time

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A few days a week, Tim Fung gets up at 5.30am and crushes through his email, so his inbox is at zero before he’s even in the office.

Fung is a former investment banker and now CEO and co-founder of Airtasker, the Australian work outsourcing marketplace that has raised more than $30 million in funding and has over 800,000 people using its platform, which helps people source casual workers for everyday tasks.

His startup helps people to manage their time better, but how does the CEO himself stay organised?

He shared his favourite productivity advice and time management approach on a recent episode of Foundations, our new podcast on entrepeneurship, growth, and better business.

Fung likes to stay focused on one task at a time, “rather than having 10 things on the go”.

“Having that email 90% written on your desktop is achieving nothing for no-one,” he says.

“You may as well be at zero.”

He also tries to keep his important meetings early in the day, “in that time before lunch when you’ve got a good brain”.

“Time travelled to meetings has to be factored in; the destruction time that it takes you to get in and out of a workflow – all of those things matter,” says Fung. “So the more you compress it, the better.”

He also outlines how he likes to see decisions as “binary” – simple yes or no questions that can be decided on quickly to reduce procrastination.

“A lot of people who start business are really smart, intelligent, and can often go round in circles considering the same issue over and over again,” he says.

One other thing: he gets asked out for coffee a lot, but what he always wants to know is what’s on the agenda for the meeting. Don’t just ask for a coffee!

It’s a fascinating chat from one of Australia’s most successful startup CEOs. You can subscribe to Foundations on iTunes, or listen in below.

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