PODCAST: Martin O'Malley on Trump, better cities, and leadership in the data age

BI’s David Scutt, left, Martin O’Malley, and Paul Colgan.

Martin O’Malley has a question about the primacy of economic growth in policymaking.

The former Maryland governor who ran for the Democratic Party presidential nomination this year wonders if job creation should take a back seat in the policy mix and the expense of aiming to improve living standards.

O’Malley served as governor from 2007 to 2015 but before that was mayor of Baltimore, where he introduced geospatial mapping to monitor performance of city services such as garbage collection and road repairs. He later took this approach to the state level. His pioneering approach has been adopted on other major cities around the US, including Seattle and Boston.

He is in Sydney with Esri Australia to talk about the future of cities and joined us on the Devils and Details podcast this week. O’Malley has some fascinating views on connected cities and the role of leaders in an age of transparency and data-sharing between government departments.

You can listen in below or find the show on iTunes here, where you can rate us an leave a review. Naturally, we kicked off by asking him about Donald Trump.

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