PODCAST: Market complacency, reporting season, taxi drivers and the AFL

With Matt Felsman, left, and Business Insider’s David Scutt, right.

The talk in markets around the world this week has been how quiet everything has been.

Incredibly small moves across major asset classes have some people worried about what happens next, because low levels of volatility tend to be followed by extreme moves.

This week we’re joined on the Devils and Details podcast by Matt Felsman, a private wealth advisor at APP Securities. The agenda:

  • Ultra-low market volatility and what might happen next;
  • Reporting season highlights, including Woolworths, Qantas, and Blackmores
  • Compensation for taxi drivers – is this a dangerous precedent?
  • AFL finals season

It’s all in an easy-to-follow style with constant reference to what’s happening in the broader economy in Australia and globally. You can find us on iTunes where you can rate and review us, or listen in below.

Enjoy the weekend.

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