PODCAST: How to understand different generations at work

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Millennials and Gen Y are constantly upskilling and looking for growth and movement in their career.

As Andrew Joyce, member of Gen Y, founder and CEO of Found, a mobile-focused careers app for employers and jobseekers in Australia says: “I don’t know of anybody in my generation who thinks of a job for life. As a concept, you just don’t even talk about it, it’s not a thing.”

Joyce pursued several other career paths before starting his own company.

“I’m in my early thirties and on to my third real career now and that’s probably considered pretty average. It’s considered very very normal to move around and pursue opportunities and to take risks.”

He joins Business Insider Editor-in-chief Paul Colgan on this week’s episode of Business Insider’s business improvement podcast, Foundations. They talk about strategies for people transitioning from one career to another, how the routes for people to find their jobs have completely changed, and tips on how different generations with different perspectives in the workplace can understand each other and have better working relationships.

“Gen Y have grown up in an environment never knowing a recession. So Gen Y have never experienced a downturn and much more willing to take risks and jump around things to pursue opportunities,” Joyce says.

“Gen X are risk averse. They’ve got families, they’ve got commitments and Gen Y are still coming into that phase.”

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