PODCAST: Here's where the next steps in VR are heading

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If you’ve had the chance to experience virtual reality (VR), you will know just how immersive it is.

It’s a fantastic and fast-growing development for gaming because it enables the breaking of the “fourth wall” — that figurative concept that keeps you at arm’s length from what you are experiencing.

Given it’s soaring success in gaming, it stands to reason that it will integrate into other industries. But how, and who will be first?

Nathan Anderson is COO of StartVR — a dedicated virtual reality content and production studio devoted to the creation of immersive virtual reality experiences. He joins us this week to chat about the next steps for VR, artificial intelligence and the next consumer trends for Australian business.

“Presence in a work meeting or social setting with other people is probably the next nut to crack in VR. That’s something that we will see development on in the next 12 to 18 months,” he says.

For construction and engineering, the opportunities for VR are endless. An example Anderson gives is using VR for site inspections, which enables remote construction management.

“It can not only bring people together from different parts of the world, it can actually take those people that aren’t together to places collectively as well. There may be a 360 degree camera captured either live or from a previous day where they can see progress on something and feel like they’re there and look around.”

The travel industry is also has opportunities with potential tourists exploring a country they’re thinking of visiting via VR.

Anderson says VR is a tool to enhance, rather than completely alter the way we do things.

“It’s not going to replace what you do in real life, it just allows you to do more things or try different things before you might go do them,” he says.

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