PODCAST: Hedge funds, stock bubbles, and the slow death of rugby in Australia

Photo: (L-R): Neil Power from Blue Sky Alternative Investments, Business Insider’s editor-in-chief Paul Colgan, and global markets correspondent David Scutt.

Hedge funds can get a bad rap.

But Australia’s Future Fund, the sovereign wealth fund that manages public service pension money, has started pouring more money into the alternative investment vehicles.

There are reasons for it — for years now, people have been wondering about the high valuations for global equities, particularly in the US.

The role of hedge funds in investment portfolios in this scenario is one of the topics we cover on this week’s episode of our markets and economics podcast, Devils and Details. Our guest is Neil Power, managing director of hedge fund strategies for Blue Sky Alternative Investments, the ASX-listed investment company with over $2.5 billion under management.

We also talk about property bubbles, the reality of recessions, and the horrifying numbers we saw this week on rugby participation in Australia.

We’re on iTunes, or you can listen in below. Enjoy!

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