PODCAST: With JP Morgan's Kerry Craig on uncertainty, yield curves, geopolitics and drivers of the Australian dollar

L-R: BI’s David Scutt, JP Morgan global market strategist Kerry Craig, and Paul Colgan.

Uncertainty has been a prevailing theme across financial markets this week.

The lack of global wage and inflationary pressures, the outlook for interest rates or the flattening of the US yield curve, and whether it is providing an early warning sign on a potential US recession, all have dominated discussion.

No one, including central bankers, is really sure what’s going on.

To help piece it all together, Paul and David are joined on this week’s Devils and Details Podcast by Kerry Craig, global markets strategist at JP Morgan Asset Management. There are few better analysts out there to help dissect what exactly is going on, and what it means for investors.

In this week’s show, we look at the Australian economy, especially the outlook for inflation, wage growth and consumption, and what it may mean for GDP and the outlook for interest rates. There’s also a detailed discussion on what’s been driving the Australian dollar lower recently, and whether that trend will continue.

With the flattening of the US yield curve also getting plenty of coverage, raising concerns that it may be signalling a potential US recession, the panel assesses whether it’s truly a near-term risk for markets.

You can find the show on iTunes — where you can subscribe, rate us, and leave a review — or you can listen in below. Enjoy!

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