PODCAST: With AlphaBeta's Justin Fabo on Australia's jobs data, inflation, and the Fed

(L-R): BI’s Paul Colgan and David Scutt, and Justin Fabo of AlphaBeta Advisors.

The rate of job creation in the Australian economy continues to surprise economists and the market.

This week we saw another big beat in the employment data, with the 42,000 jobs created in May – mainly full-time roles – crushing the 10,000 expected by the market.

Economist Justin Fabo has been a keen observer of the labour market through his career which included time at the RBA. He’s now at Andrew Charlton’s AlphaBeta Advisors and this week joined us on our markets and economist podcast, Devils and Details, to share his insights on what’s happening in the labour market and what the data is telling us about the outlook for the Australian economy.

We also cover commodity prices, the Australian property market, and the Federal Reserve’s widely anticipated increase in interest rates this week.

You can find the show on iTunes — where you can subscribe, rate us or leave a review — or you can listen in below. Enjoy!

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