PODCAST: APRA, ASX, Amazon and Australia's over-reliance on 'houses and holes'

This week’s podcast team investor Peter Morgan, BI’s David Scutt (rear) and investment manager James Whelan.

Hello and welcome to Business Insider’s weekly markets podcast.

There’s been a bit to discuss in Australia this week, especially what’s happening in the nation’s housing market.

Warnings, restrictions on interest-only mortgage lending and more data revealing prices continue to boom have all come and gone, dominating not only the discussion in financial markets but also across the nation.

To discuss that and other topics, including what assets are richly priced or undervalued, we’re joined this week by Peter Morgan, private investor and former fund manager, along with a regular on the Devils and Details Podcast, James Whelan, investment manager at VFS Group.

Outside of housing, we also delve into discuss Australian politics, the ASX rally – whether it’ll last – and what assets are looking hot, or not, right now.

You can find the show on iTunes (where you can rate us or leave a review), or listen in below. Enjoy!

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