PODCAST: Apartments, avocados, Australian jobs, the ABS, and China

(L-R): Paul Colgan and David Scutt from BI, and James Whelan from VFS Group.

Asset prices may not have moved terribly much but there has been lots in motion on market peripheries.

From the relationship between smashed avocado brunches and the property market to China’s ever-growing debt pile and the problems with Australia’s jobs data from the ABS, there have been a lot of talking points.

That’s a tidy summary of our agenda for the Devils & Details podcast from Business Insider this week, on which we’re joined by James Whelan, investment manager at VFS Group. James and David Scutt, global markets correspondent at Business Insider, share their expert views on the major market developments of the past week.

You can find the show on iTunes (where you can rate us and leave a review!) or listen in below. Enjoy!

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