PODCAST: Airtasker CEO Tim Fung, who raised $22m this year, shares his tips for time management

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Airtasker co-founder and CEO Tim Fung.

Welcome to the third episode of Business Insider Foundations, where we discuss entrepreneurship, business fundamentals, and consumer and technology trends.

Our first six episodes are a mini series aimed at Australian leaders who are growing their business and planning for the future.

In this week’s episode, Business Insider Australia editor-in-chief Paul Colgan is joined by Tim Fung, founder and CEO of Airtasker — an online and mobile marketplace enabling users to outsource work and everyday tasks.

They discuss the importance of time management and prioritisation in business, as well some of approaches they use to stay organised during their demanding work days.

Whether you’re launching a startup, managing a business or simply find organisation to be a challenge, these tools and tips can help.

You can find the show on iTunes (where you can rate us and leave a review) or listen in below. Missed our first few episodes? Here are episodes one and two. Enjoy!

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