It's Going To Be Even Easier To Save Stories For Reading Later On The IPhone Thanks To IOS 8

Pocket is a great app for when you see something you’d like to save for later.

If you see a news article, blog post, video, recipe, or website that looks interesting, you can save it to Pocket so you can view it at your leisure. You can even view what you’ve saved to Pocket offline, which is great for commuters.

Pocket’s newest update, however, makes saving things both faster and easier. Thanks to iOS 8 and its Extensions feature, you can now save an article to Pocket right from within Safari.

You can see something, save it, and keep browsing, all without leaving Safari.

Here’s how it looks.

You’ll have to wait until Apple releases iOS 8 to the public later today in order to use Pocket’s save extension, but you can read more about what’s possible in Pocket’s new version over at its official website.

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