Australian PM Tony Abbott Has 'No Problem' With The Medical Use Of Cannabis, As States Prepare For Trials

Prime Minister Tony Abbott. Picture: Getty Images

Australian Prime Minister Tony Abbott has thrown his weight behind moves in NSW and Victoria to trial the medical use of cannabis for seriously ill patients saying he has “no problem with the medical use of cannabis just as I have no problem with the medical use of opiates”.

The Australian reports that the PM wrote to Sydney radio host Alan Jones last month agreeing with the move, saying “I was under the impression that personal use of cannabis was no longer an offence in NSW”.

“If a drug is needed for a valid medicinal purpose though, and is being administered safely, there should be no question of its legality. And if a drug that is proven to be safe abroad is needed here, it should be available,” Mr Abbott’s letter said.

Alan Jones has pushed for the decriminalisation of cannabis for medical use and read out Tony Abbott’s letter on his radio program on Wednesday.

Yesterday, NSW Premier Mike Baird announced a trial on the use of medical cannabis and Victoria has legislation coming to its parliament next week.

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