If You're Bored Of Regular TV, Use This App To Find Something New To Watch Online

Pluto TVisa new streaming service launching today.

A team of curators collects videos from around the Web to create more than 100 channels of online videos that focus on topics like cooking, news, technology and more.

Each channel runs 24 hours. Users can customise their viewing experience by favoriting certain streams so they can keep coming back and immediately watch a new show.

You can watch on your computer or use the iOS and Android apps to get the same experience on your phone or laptop.

Interested in learning more?

Log in to Pluto TV with your Facebook account. The setup process is quick and easy.

Once you finish the setup process, pick a few channels to personalise your stream.

This is the main page of Pluto TV. You can stop and fast-forward the video in a manner similar to YouTube.

The primary controls for Pluto TV are at the top. You can navigate through each channel one by one with the arrows at the top.

Click on 'All Channels' to get a comprehensive guide of shows. You'll have a wide selection.

Go to the bottom of the page. Here's the interactive channel guide. You can save a channel as your favourite by clicking the star on the left.

Scroll over to the right and click on an upcoming show. Select 'Notify Me' if you want a reminder when the show is about to start.

Click this arrow on the far side of the screen to see what else will be playing during the day.

You can quickly browse the channel guide to see what else is playing by scrolling up and down with your mouse.

Programming is diverse. For example, the Entertainment section has two channels dedicated to 24-7 coverage of cats and dogs.

If you're bored with a channel, go back over to the right and click 'View Channels.' This feature will let you jump to a different category of videos.

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