A professional school where plus-size models take on fashion industry stereotypes opened in Russia

A plus-size model has opened an academy in Moscow where she teaches aspiring models everything they need to make it in the fashion industry.

Dilyara Larina told Reuters that while plus-size models have made great strides in recent years, the educational infrastructure that helps traditional models start their careers isn’t there for plus-size models.

“Yes, we have plus-size models in Russia, but nobody wants to work in sharing the knowledge and teaching how to become a plus-size model,” she said. “And so of course, here we must understand that one must not behave selfishly, that one must share knowledge and to create this plus-size community.”

One of the models at the school told Reuters she’s sick of hearing about how she ought to look.

“Ultimately it is because I am tired of stereotypes,” she said. “My girlfriends who constantly talk about diets, that everybody should be thin, they are constantly sticking their noses into my private life, asking ‘why won’t you lose some weight ‘ and so on. In fact I really want to inspire my man, my friends, just people around me to the fact that a full figured woman can be beautiful, desirable and sexy, this is perhaps the first thing.”

Story by Tony Manfred and editing by Jeremy Dreyfuss

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