The Plaza Hotel's Swanky Food Hall Is The Perfect Spot For A Midtown Lunch

Plaza Food Hall

Photo: Jennifer Polland /Business Insider

Although the Plaza Food Hall, the upscale food court in the basement of New York’s ritzy Plaza Hotel, has been around for over two years, many New Yorkers still don’t know about it.Since it opened under Chef Todd English in spring 2010, the Plaza Food Hall has grown into a formidable foodie destination, attracting artisanal vendors such as La Maison du Chocolat, Tartinery, and Francois Payard. There are also more casual vendors like Luke’s Lobster and Billy’s Bakery.

The food hall has more than 20 kiosks and stalls serving a wide variety of food. Or, you can eat in Todd English’s restaurant, which has specialty stations like a charcuterie section, raw bar, wood-fired pizza oven, and sit-down restaurant.

Tourists seem to know about this hidden gem, but many New Yorkers—especially those who work in Midtown—do not. And it’s a shame because this is a great spot for lunch.

There are more than 20 kiosks and stalls in the Plaza Food Hall serving different types of cuisine.

Luke's Lobster, which is known as a casual food truck shilling scrumptious lobster rolls, has an outpost here.

NoLiTa's Tartinery also has a location here, serving its namesake open-faced French sandwiches.

You can order sushi rolls or sashimi from Sushi of Gari.

Or taste artisanal cheeses and cured meats, such as mortadella, sweet coppa, or prosciutto di parma.

Inside Todd English's food hall restaurant, there's a raw bar.

And a wood-fired pizza oven.

At lunchtime, the food hall is bustling.

There's no shortage of dessert options. You'll have a hard time choosing between the different mouthwatering pastries.

Billy's Bakery has a stall here.

Where you can try their famous cupcakes and cookies.

Or you can treat yourself to a pastry from Chelsea's Three Tarts.

If you've already tried the Plaza, check out some great new restaurants in New York City.

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