PlayStation Vita’s Five Most Graphically Intense Games

It’s no secret that Sony has a beast of a machine in PlayStation Vita. The system is just a couple steps below PlayStation 3 in terms of horsepower, allowing developers to create graphics the likes of which we’ve never experienced on a handheld device.

With this in mind, and because the portable’s February 22 U.S. release draws near, we chose the five best-looking games for the platform so far.

Wipeout 2048


This futuristic racer has quickly become our must have Vita launch game, and for good reason. Not only does it provide fast-paced and brutal play, but it also follows two outstanding PSP prequels.

Not only that, but Wipeout 2048 looks stunning, with tracks overflowing with detail, cool particle effects and vehicles that would make F-Zero fans blush. If you love eye candy, this title should be at the top of your list.

Uncharted: Golden Abyss


Naturally, we couldn’t create this lineup without including Nathan Drake’s portable adventure. While it doesn’t match the visual brilliance of Uncharted 3, Golden Abyss more than holds its own, with realistic fire, water that soaks through clothing, splintering wood and other graphical treats. Prepare for sensory overload.

Gravity Rush


We’ve kept a close eye on this promising action RPG, which lets players explore a wondrous city while manipulating gravity to complete missions. The tantalising heroine, Kat, has virtual curves so sexy we can barely contain ourselves, while the intriguing use of colour throughout this adventure sets it far apart from other games on the market.

Unit 13


Zipper Interactive’s military themed third person shooter reminds us of the company’s more famous IP, SOCOM, but re-imagined for PlayStation Vita. What we have are a series of gorgeous set pieces complimented by unique architecture and populated with a plethora of evildoers. Gunfire, explosions, destructible environments…more, please.

Ultimate Marvel vs. Capcom 3


OK, so Capcom had to slightly downgrade the graphics to ensure silky smooth play on PlayStation Vita, but make no mistake, Ultimate Marvel vs. Capcom 3 can still bring it. This pintsized version of the critically acclaimed console hit retains the insane multi-hit combos, luscious backgrounds and crazed superheroes and mascots, making for an over the top fighting experience that looks wonderful across Vita’s five-inch OLED screen.