PlayStation Vita PSP All Over Again? Hardly.

It’s easy to form parallels between Sony’s upcoming PlayStation Vita and the company’s previous handheld, the PSP.

Once again, the publisher’s system is more powerful than the competition. It will also play games like Hot Shots Golf, Wipeout and Ridge Racer.

That is where most of the similarities end.

PSP was Sony’s first entry in the portable market, and despite several missteps, the sexy device was a huge success, selling over 65 million units while supporting a library of must have titles.

With this in mind, the pressure’s on Sony to not only meet that sales target but also exceed it while putting Nintendo in its place.

What seemed like a pipedream, however, appears to be reality. Sony took what it learned from PSP and applied this knowledge to Vita, creating a more streamlined system built for the future.

On that note, Vita will be an even bigger hit because…

Uncharted: Golden Abyss will be one of Vita’s biggest titles.

It’s built for the future

Throughout PSP’s life, critics pointed to a lack of a second analogue stick, touch screen and other highly desirable features that Sony’s included with Vita. After years of waiting, gamers will finally receive that coveted second analogue stick, along with a touch screen, gyroscope, built-in cameras and bonus goodies such as a rear touch pad. This, combined with the glorious five-inch screen, makes Vita significantly more attractive than its predecessor.

It has a stronger lineup

While Vita’s launch games remain a mystery, Sony deserves an A+ for immediately announcing new additions to key franchises like Uncharted, Killzone and Resistance. Those games, along with Ridge Racer, Wipeout, Street Fighter X Tekken andLittleBigPlanet, will make the system drool worthy.

It’s competitively priced

Over the past several years, Nintendo’s DS held a distinct advantage over PSP when it came to price. This time, we have a level playing field between 3DS and Vita. Barring a price drop from the big N, both systems will retail for $249.99.

Thing is, even if Nintendo cuts the price of 3DS to $199.99, Vita will still be a sexier alternative, as consumers will cough up the extra $50 to own the hardware.

It displays near PS3 quality (and mind blowing) visuals

Let’s face it, Vita’s graphical horsepower puts 3DS and all mobile devices to shame. We know Nintendo will be unable to catch up this generation, and it’ll be a few more years before smart phones display this type of quality. We can’t wait to see what developers will do with this power even a year from now.

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