PlayStation Vita Mock Launch Games

Sony’s PlayStation Vita is one of the coolest pieces of video game hardware, largely because it is the most advanced handheld ever conceived.

The system has a glorious five-inch touch screen, two analogue sticks, a rear touch pad, gyroscope support and optional 3G coverage. Oh yeah, and it’s just a shade less powerful than PlayStation 3.

That said, this shiny new system will be a paperweight unless Sony and various third parties create a strong launch lineup.

Most importantly, the company cannot risk duplicating the lackluster 3DS launch, which had a plethora of games that simply failed to capture public interest.

On that note, here’s a list of games we’d love to see on launch day.

Uncharted: Golden Abyss

Over the past several years, companies have employed a bizarre strategy where triple A video games release months after the system. Bottom line, it makes little sense. Sony needs Vita to fly off shelves, and Uncharted: Golden Abyss will help make that happen. Naughty Dog’s million selling franchise has thus far translated well to the handheld, and consumers would definitely flock to it.

Wipeout 2048

PSP launched with a Wipeout, so it makes sense to pair the gorgeous 2048 with Vita day one, giving Sony an excellent showpiece for the system’s humongous screen and tilt controls. If it’s smart, the company will also release the game on PS3, giving both groups of consumers a chance to compete against each other through cross platform play.

Little Deviants

From what we’ve seen, Bigbig Studios’ upcoming Vita project is little more than a mini game compilation designed to show off the portable’s best features, including the touch screen, rear touch pad and camera/augmented reality. Our advice? Sell it $10 cheaper than the average launch title and/or bundle it with the system.

Hot Shots Golf Vita

Similar to Wipeout, the Hot Shots series was there on launch day with PSP. Might as well bring this ambitious sports game to Vita ASAP, giving players a chance to enjoy the tricked out augmented reality feature that incorporates what the camera sees into the background.

Virtua Tennis 4

Sega’s latest Tennis game hit stores a few weeks ago, so there’s no reason to release it post Vita’s launch. It’ll be there, awkward touch controls and all.

Dynasty Warriors

Let’s see. Dynasty Warriors launched with PSP and Samurai Warriors appeared on 3DS. Yup, you can bet the proverbial farm that the Vita version of the strangely popular hack-and-slash franchise will be on shelves sooner than later.

Hustle Kings

Vita will definitely need casual games to attract the non-gamer crowd, and Hustle Kings should fit the bill nicely. Pocket pool, anyone?

Lego Harry Potter: Years 5-7

With a November 11 release date, odds are great that everyone’s favourite boy wizard will make it in time for Vita’s long awaited debut.

Ridge Racer Vita

Come on. This one’s obvious. Namco Bandai has released a new Ridge Racer alongside several new systems, and Vita will be no exception. Get ready to race.

WWE 12

THQ’s new wrestling game arrives November 22, and the company would be wise to bring the beat-em-up to Sony’s platform, perhaps during the launch window. And yes, we’ll put you through a table.

Sound Shapes

This sweet musical platformer tasks you with guiding a sticky ball through a plethora of imaginatively designed levels, where every move contributes to the soundtrack. Could be the Lumines of Vita’s launch.

Lots of nonsense from Ubisoft

After spamming the 3DS with a glut of average games, Ubisoft will do the same with Vita. Place your bets on what these forgettable titles will be.

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