PlayStation Vita: Five Must Play Launch Games

Sony’s PlayStation Vita may go down in history as the system with the most impressive line-up of launch games. There’s literally something for everyone, with an unprecedented level of quality to boot.

This means one thing: choosing which titles to play could be quite a challenge. Which games deserve the most attention?

With this in mind, here are the five launch games you need to play when the handheld makes its long-awaited February 22 debut.

Uncharted: Golden Abyss


Never bet against Nathan Drake. The star of Sony’s Indiana Jones inspired franchise leaps into the portable realm, this time uncovering the mystery behind a massacred Spanish expedition. The usual Uncharted features are alive and well, with thrilling gunfights, an engaging narrative and eye-popping visuals, but new additions, like touch screen controls and gyroscopic aiming should help Golden Abyss stand apart from its PlayStation 3 counterparts.

Wipeout 2048


Visit the not so distant future, where Sony invites you to step into a high-powered hovercraft and compete in a series of adrenaline fuelled races where anything goes. Knock competitors off the tracks or destroy them with a variety of weapons. Wipeout 2048’s sizzling speed, luscious visuals and cross-platform play with PS3 users will make it a launch favourite.

Lumines: Electronic Symphony


If you purchased a PSP at launch, odds are good you also picked up Lumines, Q Entertainments dreamy puzzle game. Now the series makes a triumphant reappearance, and Electronic Symphony appears to be a wonderful return to form. The developers ditched some of the oddball artists (so long, Hoobastank) in favour of straight up electronica. Not only that, but the inclusion of mascots (with signature power-ups), 3D backgrounds and a full suite of local multiplayer options have us excited. Go ahead and get your puzzle fix.

Escape Plan


Fun Bits Interactive hopes to steal some thunder with its innovative and delightfully twistedEscape Plan. Each level tasks you with guiding friends Lil and/or Laarg from point A to point B while making use of each character’s special abilities; Lil moves quicker and can float, Laarg throws his weight around. The designers display the number of deaths on each hero’s body, and the black and white visuals give this title plenty of charm. Keep an eye on it.

FIFA Soccer


Ah yes, the coveted fifth slot. This one was tough, with games like Rayman Origins, Hot Shots Golf: World Invitational and Ultimate Marvel vs. Capcom 3 to choose from.

In the end, we just had to go with FIFA. EA Sports has thus far done a remarkable job bringing the PlayStation 3 experience to Vita, with similarly beautiful graphics, audio and some exclusive features like touch screen passing and rear touch pad shooting; psst, there’s also online play. With these types of options, we already know diehard fans will look at Vita as their dedicated FIFA machine. Fine by us.