Soon you'll be able to play 'over 400' PlayStation games on your PC

YouTube? Netflix? That stuff’s old hat at this point. It’s almost hard to remember a time when watching a movie meant having to go to a store.

To say nothing of long downloads!

Bizarrely, there’s no Netflix for video games — there’s no easy streaming service that lets you play whatever game you want, immediately, without download. There is, however, one limited contender from Sony: PlayStation Now. It enables you to play “over 400” PlayStation 3 games over the internet, no download required.

That means great stuff like “Uncharted 2: Among Thieves” and “Journey” and, well, it’s a lot of games.

And now PlayStation Now is on your computer!

That image above is a bit deceptive — that’s a MacBook. PlayStation Now unfortunately isn’t heading to the Mac just yet. It’s PC only for now. It will arrive in Europe “soon,” with North America getting access “shortly thereafter,” according to Sony.

That said, the PlayStation 4 gamepad (the “DualShock 4”) is going to start working with your PC or Mac. And that means you can stream games from your PlayStation 4 to your Mac. How’s that? Simple.

You may have also noticed a black USB stick in the MacBook above? Good eye. That’s the new $25 device that makes the PlayStation 4 gamepad work with your PC or Mac. It arrives this September.

Of course, if you’d rather not buy the stick, you can always just plug your PS4 gamepad into your computer via USB. Check out the full library of PlayStation Now games right here.

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