PlayStation Network Downtime Cripples PSP Go

Sony’s PlayStation Network went down last night under mysterious circumstances. The company may have pinpointed the problem, but won’t disclose specific details.

This, of course, has led to rampant speculation as to what the issue may be. Some think the publisher has intentionally stalled, since it doesn’t know what’s wrong, while others seem to think hackers attacked PSN.

Most folks, though, are just angry they can’t access the virtual store.

That said, PSP Go users are without question the worst affected.

Sony’s miniature PSP, released in 2009, doesn’t accept UMD discs, the media used in the standard PlayStation Portable. It’s entirely download based, as gamers purchase media directly off the PlayStation Network.

With rumours of the PSP Go’s demise appearing on multiple websites this week, this PSN outage certainly doesn’t help the handheld’s chances. Sure, you can play previously downloaded games, but what if you just picked up a PSP Go, only to discover you cannot download anything? It makes the system useless.

As PSP Go owners, we hope Sony resolves this issue before the weekend, as we were planning to download several titles, including the recently released Patapon 3.