PlayStation Network Disaster ‘Troubles’ Connecticut Senator Who ‘Demands Answers’

By James Brightman

PlayStation Network is in the midst of one of the biggest sagas this game industry’s ever seen. Not only has personal information been stolen from PSN accounts, causing outrage among customers, but now politicians are getting involved. Connecticut Senator Richard Blumenthal, who is a former Attorney General, took the time to scold Sony in a letter to SCEA CEO Jack Tretton. 

Blumenthal’s biggest beef with Sony is that the company failed to notify its customers about the stolen personal information in a timely manner; it was nearly a week after PSN was shut down that Sony finally admitted it had this problem. 

“When a data breach occurs, it is essential that customers be immediately notified about whether and to what extent their personal and financial information has been compromised,” he said in his letter.

“PlayStation Network users deserve more complete information on the data breach, as well as the assurance that their personal and financial information will be securely maintained. I appreciate your prompt response on this important issue.”

You can read the entire letter from Blumenthal to Tretton here.