PlayStation Network Developer Warns Of Exodus From PSN

By James Brightman

PlayStation Network has no deadline for return, and developers relying on PSN for revenues are being hurt with each day that goes by. Q-Games’ Dylan Cuthbert (PIxelJunk) previously told IndustryGamers that the outage “definitely” affects his studio’s bottom line. The situation clearly hasn’t gotten any better since weeks have gone by now, but Cuthbert is expecting to hear from Sony soon.

“At the moment I think they are running around patching holes etc., and in a week or two they’ll have something more concrete to say,” he said.

Capcom has commented on how it’s losing potentially “millions” from the outage but didn’t say if Sony would compensate companies losing revenue. Cuthbert believes Sony may need to compensate or help developers in some way, or the company will risk losing important support for its network in the near future.

“I have no idea yet what Sony are going to do to help developers such as ourselves but I have a feeling they are thinking about doing something or they will lose developers which of course is pretty bad for them,” he warned.