This might be Sony’s first teaser for the PlayStation 5

Is that an ‘S’ or a 5? Sony
  • Sony’s next PlayStation console is in the works. It’s still unannounced, but all signs point to it being named “PlayStation 5.”
  • PlayStation fans spotted a new theme on the PlayStation 4 that they say teases a PlayStation 5.
  • The tease, they contend, is in a tiny detail: The “S” in PlayStation looks a lot like a “5,” but it looks different in the word “Holidays.”

Is Sony beginning to tease the PlayStation 5? Maybe.

PlayStation fans certainly seem to think so, and they’re pointing to a very specific clue as evidence. It all starts with the annual holiday theme that Sony sent out to PlayStation 4 owners:

PlayStation 5 teaser

The theme is free for PlayStation 4 owners who opt in to Sony’s “special offers and promos” emails – a little bonus for attentive Sony fans.

Notably, the “S” in “Holidays” looks like a pretty normal version of the letter “S.” Keep that in mind, as it’s the central argument that Sony is teasing the PlayStation 5 with its 2018 holiday theme.

Now, let’s look closer at the other element of the theme:

PlayStation 5 teaser

The “S” in “PlayStation” looks a lot more like the number “5” than the other version of the letter “S” in the word “Holidays.”

That’s pretty much it!

Whether this directly teases the PlayStation 5 is unknown – 2018 is also the five-year anniversary of the PlayStation 4’s launch in 2013. What is clear is that the “S” in PlayStation looks a lot like the number five, and it’s not just a measure of the typeface being used.

Sony has yet to officially announce a successor to the PlayStation 4, but Sony execs have spoken about one being in the works.

“It’s necessary to have a next-generation hardware,” Sony president Kenichiro Yoshida said in an interview in October. Previously, in May, PlayStation head John Kodera spoke of ongoing work on the next PlayStation console that would take another several years to complete – that would put the PlayStation 5 in a 2021 launch window.

Representatives for Sony didn’t respond to a request for comment as of publishing.