The PlayStation 4 isn’t out until Friday, but we got our hands on one to review.

We headed over to Sony’s launch party in NYC Tuesday to get acquainted with the PS4.

We’ll be playing with it this week.

Until then, here’s a first look at what’s inside!

Everyone received a PS4 in this bag at the review event. Shall we look inside?

There it is!

Here's the back showcasing some games on the system including 'Knack' and 'Assassin's Creed.'

Let's open her up!

How about a closer look?

First out, the DualShock 4 controller!

Let's take that plastic off. Much better.

By now, you've noticed there are no 'start' and 'select' buttons here. Say hello to the touchpad in the center.

One more from above before we move on.

Here it is! The PlayStation 4.

In the center are the disc tray and two USB ports.

We were given the option to get ours engraved.* Naturally, we jumped at the opportunity.

*Unfortunately, this is something that won't be offered to customers upon release.

Here's the console upright.

And, here it is from the back. It's pretty light, weighing 6.1 pounds.

Of course, that's not everything you'll get inside.

In addition to the usuals, there are codes for a 30-day trial for the music store and PlayStation Plus, Sony's paid online network, along with $US10 to the PlayStation store.

Here's everything.

That's it for now!

More to come as we start playing.

We'll be trying out the PS4, but until then ...

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