A new change in the PlayStation 4 will super-charge the colours some people see

A little more than a decade ago, the great transition from standard definition to high definition video began. Gone were the boxy, square TVs we all used to have, replaced by the big, beautiful rectangles that adorn living rooms today.

Within the next few years, a similar shift will happen with 4K televisions. These ultra-high-resolution TVs will, among other things, allow for a much higher range between black and white in the image display, known as HDR (high dynamic range).

And starting next week, every PlayStation 4 console will support HDR with a patch.

Horizon zero dawn 4k hdr
‘Horizon: Zero Dawn’ running in 4K with HDR. PlayStation/YouTube

Sony didn’t mention specific applications for HDR support on PS4, but we can assume it will spruce up the way some games and movies look if your TV supports it.

For clarification, this is not the same as 4K support. 4K is a higher resolution, while HDR is a higher range of colours. The upcoming PlayStation 4 Pro console will support 4K because it’s more powerful, but standard PS4 consoles will not.

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