Sony's Killer Game Machine: The PS2

What’s the sexiest new video game machine on the market? The Wii, of course: Nintendo’s cheap and fun console trumped all other games in February, according to new data from NPD. But the runner-up is a bit of a surprise: Sony’s (SNE) ancient PS2.

The PS2, which originally launched in 2000, sold 351,800 units last month. That’s 71,000 units more than its younger, sexier brother, the PS3. And it’s 97,200 more than Microsoft’s (MSFT) Xbox 360. The Wii trumped everyone with 432,000 units.

The Wii’s appeal has been welldocumented. But what’s up with the PS2? Shouldn’t it be obsolete, trumped by new machines with more advanced capabilities? It will be, one day. But for now the PS2 has the two things going for it:

  • It’s dirt cheap: Target was selling the machine for as little as $99 last month.
  • It’s the best-selling machine ever (120 million units), which means publishers are still cranking out games for the platform. Some of them, including mega hits “Guitar Hero” and “Rock Band”, are now being packaged with the game.

Great graphics, a Blu-ray player and other bells and whistles are nice. But sometimes game buyers just want to buy a game.

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