See How A Toy Factory In Malta Makes Millions Of Plastic Playmobil Men Every Year [PHOTOS]

Playmobil turns 40 this year.

The toy figurines have become iconic since their inception. Playmobil products are manufactured in Malta by German toy company Geobra Brandstatter.

The company previously made plastic toy telephones and cars, until oil became one of the most expensive commodities in the world.

Facing a crisis, the chief designer created a small figurine that could fit in a child’s hand.

Since the factory opened, more than 2.7 billion figurines have been manufactured there. 192 figurines are created there every minute, according to the Telegraph.

These will be heads on the figures. Right now they are just in the production line.

A worker pours hair pieces into an assembly machine. Workers pour pieces into the machines, where they are assembled.

Heads of the figures lay in the production mould.

Animal figurines lay in the injection mould.

These are the pigments that are used to give the dolls their colour.

Employees load different colours into the machine.

These are the arms of the figures on the production line, waiting to be assembled.

These heads didn't make the cut. They have been discarded into a plastic bag.

The supervisors make sure the moulding machine is ready to go.

Here, a figure is assembled.

Completed figurines whiz along the production line.

Finally, the figures pile on a conveyer belt.

Employees work to package the toys together.

Finally, they are shipped off to stores.

You've seen the Playmobil factory in Malta...

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