Baseball Player Who Has Made $156 Million In His Career Arrested For DUI While Buying Lottery Tickets

todd helton mug shot

Photo: Thorton Colorado Police Department

Todd Helton of the Colorado Rockies was arrested early Wednesday morning for DUI. There is nothing funny about driving drunk, but the details of Helton’s arrest, obtained by, will leave you shaking your head.According to the report, cops tracked down Helton after receiving a tip that Todd’s black Ford F-150 had struck a median and then parked at a nearby gas station…When cops arrived to the scene, police say they saw Helton stumbling out of the gas station — stinking of booze — and clutching lottery tickets in his hand…Cops say Helton denied striking a median … but “made spontaneous statements about drinking two igloo cups of red wine.”

So Helton, who has made $156.5 million in his career, was allegedly driving after drinking wine out of a plastic cup, didn’t call a car service, and was arrested while buying lottery tickets.

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