Playboy: Someone Please Buy Us!


Playboy (PLA) interim chairman John Kern wants to know: Won’t somebody please buy the company?

Yesterday, John said “we’re open to discussions” when asked during an earnings call if Playboy might be sold, essentially telling any and all he wants a deal.

Times have been rough for media companies, and Playboy in particular: PLA stock is down 81% over the past year, Christie Hefner bailed (ostensibly inspired by Barack Obama to do national service), and the company is shuttering both lines of business and offices.

Not too surprising: Playboy was once one of the few ways men could see pictures of naked girls without seeming like a sleazebag.

But in the age of the Internet, pictures are free and easy to get a hold of. So that leaves… the Playboy brand, some Playboy perfumes, and a Playboy-themed club in Vegas with another coming in Macau?

Playboy’s market cap is $52.7 million. Any takers? Anyone?