Now Playboy Has Expanded Into The Mail-Order Wine Business

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Playboy Enterprises, Inc. announced today the launch of its new website, the Playboy Wine Club, in partnership with Barclay’s Wine. It’s the first in a series of Internet-based ventures being developed by the company.

The Playboy Wine Club doesn’t have any bunnies or a grotto for its members—instead, it offers wines from around the world and a full-case delivery program.

Essentially, if you sign up, the Playboy Wine Club will offer curated crates of wine that start at $129 for 12 bottles. You can also select à la carte wines, priced anywhere from $13 to $150.

“The Playboy lifestyle is about bringing the best the world has to offer to consumers,” explains Scott Flanders, CEO of Playboy Enterprises, in a press release. “We carefully select a handful of wines that represent the essence of the Playboy brand—delightfully jovial, indulgent, and carefully crafted—while catering to the consumer’s desires to celebrate life and live it with a little style.”

So far, the program is exclusively for U.S. wine aficionados only.

The Club also promises to offer exclusive deals, loyalty programs, and “opportunities to participate in wine experiences with special wine tours and tastings” for those who join.

No word yet if the bunnies will be involved in those “special” wine tours.

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