Playboy Coming To The iPad Uncensored


Update: Playboy is coming to the iPad, but not in Apple’s App Store. It will be a web-based magazine that replicates apps, but isn’t quite the same thing as an app, says Playboy.

Original: Well, we won’t claim we’re not excited. Playboy founder Hugh Hefner announced on Twitter that Playboy will be coming to the iPad. (Apple Headlines)

What’s more, Playboy on iPad will include the entire archives of the magazine (so you can read the articles, right) and be uncensored.

This is pretty cool. However it shows the ridiculous double standard of Apple on its app store vis à vis racy content, which won’t let pornographers or even artists show a nipple, but if you’re a big media company, hey! Naked girls galore.

There’s got to be a better way.

Now take our tour of the Playboy business empire →

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