Playboy Bunny’s Insider Trading Boy Toy Gave Her Tips Worth Hundreds of Thousands Of Dollars


Playboy magazine’s Miss August 1994 made hundreds of thousands of dollars trading on nine deals she was tipped off to by her boyrfriend, who was 11 years her junior.

The New York Post spells out the details:

Maria Checa, 38, a petite, Colombia-born beauty, was not charged in the plot, but is named in the joint civil lawsuit filed by the Securities and Exchange Commission.

Checa – who, according to the skin mag, likes romantic, candlelit dinners and is turned off by “dishonest” people – dated Jamil Bouchareb, 27, a close Devlin pal.

Bouchareb, 27, was arrested yesterday in Miami on conspiracy charges.

He fed his bullish bunny advance info on nine corporate announcements of mergers and business deals provided to him by Devlin, according to the SEC complaint.

Checa, the buxom star of the video “Lusty Latin Ladies,” made hundreds of thousands of dollars in those deals, according to the complaint. She could have to fork over her allegedly illegal profits.

Also, according to IMDB, Checa was also in Dusk Till Dawn 2: Texas Blood Money!  Unfortunately, we haven’t tracked down one person who will admit to having seen DTD2 to confirm this information.