Play The Apple (AAPL) Earnings Game!


We had a lot of fun with last week’s Google Earnings Game, so we figured we’d give it a shot with Apple, which reports earnings this afternoon. In addition to the standard earnings metrics, we’ll be paying close attention to the number of iPhones Apple says it sold during the quarter — a topic that generated a lot of debate this fall.

Here’s how we’ll do this: Give us your best estimate of four key numbers (submit in the comments), then we shower glory upon the player who comes closest. The game rewards both predictive skill — revenue and profit performance — and trading acumen: Your ability to assess what other traders will think of those results. So sharpen those spreadsheets and help us beat the Street!

Please submit the following numbers (and, for extra credit, your logic):

1. Revenue
2. EPS
3. The stock price at which Apple will open tomorrow morning
4. iPhones sold during the quarter (units)

To help you, here’s a handy spreadsheet with the last 6-8 quarters of info and analysts’ consensus estimates. Remember: Apple slashed iPhone prices on Sept. 5 and said it had sold its one millionth iPhone on Sept. 10.