You can now play Super Mario 64 in gorgeous HD right from your web browser

The next time you’re looking for a distraction, why not play a level of Super Mario 64 right in your web browser?

It’s been almost twenty years since the original game launched on the Nintendo 64, but thanks to computer science student Erik Ross, you can now play an HD remake of the first level Bob-Omb Battlefield without having to dust off your old Nintendo.

While it’s not an official Nintendo release, Ross has done an incredible job recreating the finest details of the game, which he made using the Unity game engine.

“Everything is just as you remember, except some really minor stuff that nobody cared about like red coins or the Wing Cap or the Big Bob-omb,” Ross writes over on his blog. “Replacing them are crowd pleasers like giant springs and coin blocks.”

To control the game, you can use your keyboard and mouse or plug in an Xbox or Playstation controller.

You can download a desktop version of the level for Windows, Mac, or Linux, but it’s easiest just to boot up the game within your web browser, however you’ll need to take a minute to install Unity’s Web Player.

Ready to give it a try? You can play the game by clicking here.

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