Get Ready To Be Frustrated By This Flappy Birds Clone That's Played Entirely In Your Browser's URL Field

Since the demise of Flappy Bird we’ve seen a slew of games making their way to the app store, vying for the chance to reap the benefits of people SOL when they search for the addicting game.

Now there’s Flappy Braille, which you play within the address bar.

Not all that aesthetically pleasing and not in the app store, visit the Flappy Braille website to play.

Here’s how it works (and as you can see by the GIF, I am not very good at this game):

The goal, much like the beloved Flappy Bird, is to pass through the pipes, or, through the braille, using your arrow keys, you can control your dot and move it through the characters.

Of course, this is not real braille. And it’s not actually the first URL bar game of its kind.

In 2011, a developer named Corey Johnson created URL Hunter. You play as an O that wants to “eat”the letter A. Similar to Flappy Braille, you can move left or right, and then use the space bar to eat your prey. You only have 30 seconds to rack up your high score.

The creator of Flappy Braille credits Johnson and URL Hunter for inspiration.

Beware: if you plan on playing either game, prepare to be frustrated:

(Via @alexhern)

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