Jets Wide Receiver Plaxico Burress Cried A Lot While He Was In Jail

plaxico burress

Plaxico Burress’ interview on Real Sports with Bryant Gumble aired last night and it was just as interesting as everyone expected.

Here are some of the highlights:

  • Plaxico had no idea who Mayor Bloomberg was before he went to jail
  • He realised he shot himself in the leg when his jeans were wet and the white on his sneakers was red
  • He doesn’t “take no sh*t from nobody”
  • He lost count of the amount of times he cried during his jail time
  • He was shocked when the grand jury convicted him because no one else was harmed
  • If you’ve got love for him, he’s got love for you

Gumble and Burress talked more about the footballer’s reputation leading up to his jail time, his time behind bars, and what he’s up to now.