Steelers Wide Receiver Plaxico Burress Is Launching A Luxury Sock Line

Plaxico Burress Socks

Pittsburgh Steelers receiver Plaxico Burress introduced the world to his luxury sock line last week at a haughty New York nightclub. The Plaxico Burress Collection aims to delve into the world of bow ties, cuff links and belts but began with what Burress called a long held passion.

“I’ve been planning my sock line from behind the scenes for a couple of years; nobody even knew I was doing it,” Burress told the New York Times.

Burress hopes to eventually delve into the world of fashionable high-end belts, cuff links and bow ties. His twitter handle @PlaxicosSocks has been active since February 18. The luxury socks will sell for no less than $24 a pair.

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