In Tokyo You Can Pay $263 For A Model To Deliver Your Lunch

Would you fork over big bucks to have lunch delivered by a model or an actress?

A Tokyo-based service called Platinum Lunch thinks you would after finding that people didn’t love receiving lunch deliveries from men; complaining about the lack of manners and politeness.

The Wall Street Journal reports,

The service, intended for lunches at meetings, seminars and events, is only available for corporate customers, and each order must be at least ¥30,000 ($US263). The delivery women are models or actresses signed to Platinum Production, one of the major talent agencies in Japan, and they are trained to provide polite and attentive service.

You must place your lunch order three days in advance and hit the delivery minimum. The reason for this is that the company has “the delivery women can study the ingredients and details” so that they can explain the menu to the clients.

You can read more about Platinum Lunch here.

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