Republicans Want Every Senate Democrat Up For Re-Election To State Where They Stand On 'Mint The Coin'

The National Republican Senatorial Committee is asking every Senate Democrat up for re-election in 2014 where he or she stands on the option of minting a trillion-dollar coin as a means of working around the debt ceiling.

The NRSC’s statement comes in lieu of the letter four Senate Democrats sent to President Barack Obama earlier today, urging him to consider “any lawful steps” to work around the debt ceiling if Congressional Republicans refuse to raise the nation’s borrowing limit. 

Now the NRSC wants every Democrat up for re-election to state where he or she stands. The committee’s list includes Senators from South Dakota (Tim Johnson), Montana (Max Baucus), Arkansas (Mark Pryor), New Hampshire (Jeanne Shaheen), Alaska (Mark Begich), North Carolina (Kay Hagan), Colorado (Mark Udall), Iowa (Tom Harkin), Minnesota (Al Franken) and Virginia (Mark Warner).

The NRSC’s statement comes a couple of days after the National Republican Congressional Committee slammed the option of minting a coin and joked that it would sink the Titanic.

Here’s an example of the letter the NRSC sent to media and state grassroots lists in each of the state:


Photo: NRSC

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