This is where to buy plant-based fast food in Australia – from Lord of the Fries to Domino’s

Plant-based meat is tipped to grow. (Photo Illustration by Michael Thomas/Getty Images)

Plant-based meat is taking off.

While veggie burgers have been around for an eternity, alternative meats –- like those from Impossible Foods and Beyond Meat –- are made from plants but designed to taste like meat. Accordingly, they capture a mainstream meat eating market, and are being specifically targeted at meat eaters according to Vox.

Modeling by Deloitte and commissioned by think tank Food Frontier found that Australians are tipped to spend between $1.4 billion and $4.6 billion a year on plant-based meat by 2030.

The research also estimated the growth in demand for plant-based meat products will generate 6,000 full-time jobs and add nearly $3 billion to the economy.

Already companies likeBeyond Meat have garnered plenty of buzz for its plant-based meat products. The company, which counts Bill Gates among its investors, had a stellar IPO that saw its shares skyrocket by more than 800%.

Amid this plant-based meat frenzy, we made a list of fast food companies in Australia that offer plant-based meat alternatives.


Shortly after launching its plant-based beef pizza range –- including varities like beef and onion, beef loaded burger and even beef taco fiesta –- Domino’s added more plant-based options to its menu. From 21 October, Australians have been able to order plant-based Hawaiian, ham and cheese, supreme and pepperoni pizzas.

Hungry Jack’s

After rolling out vegetarian and vegan burgers, Hungry Jack’s revealed its plant-based burger, the Rebel Whopper, in October 2019. The Rebel Whopper is targeted at flexitarians –- those who eat meat but want to eat less of it. The patty was developed together with plant-based meat company v2food, which is backed by the CSIRO, and Competitive Foods Australia, the group behind Hungry Jack’s.

Hungry Jack’s plant-based Rebel Whopper

Lord of the Fries

Everything on the Lord of the Fries menu is vegan. “We don’t have vegan options because we are the vegan option”, as the company says on its website.

Launching in 2004, the company is not only vegan, but Kosher and Halal as well. Its burgers and hot dogs are made using the Beyond Burger and Beyond Sausage.

Mad Mex

Among its variety of Mexican dishes including nachos, tacos, and burritos is Mad Mex’s Poco Diablo spicy vegan chicken burritos. The burrito uses vegan chicken, which is made from ingredients including soy protein, sunflower oil and spices and salt.

Ribs & Burgers

In March, Ribs & Burgers rolled out two plant-based burgers, Beyond Old School Cheese and Beyond Original. These use, you guessed it, patties from Beyond Meat.

“The collaboration with Beyond Meat is a brilliant example of food and flavour innovation – it has replicated the taste and texture of meat, but is 100% plant based,” Ribs & Burgers food manager Etienne Lubbe said at the time.


Likwise, Grill’d uses Beyond Meat burgers for its meat alternative burger range. Plus, for an extra $3 you can make any burger meat-free by swapping the meat patty for a Beyond patty.

Soul Burger

Soul Burger offers plant-based burgers, with a belief that “plants are the future of meat”. Its menu is filled with plant-based beef and chicken burgers, not to mention its “pulled pork” burger which is made from BBQ pulled jackfruit.


Nando’s released a new plant-based chicken burger called the ‘Great Pretender’. The Great Pretender Protein patty can substitute chicken in any burger, wrap, pita, salad or paella for an extra $1.

The Great Pretender. Image: Supplied.

“We’ve used key ingredients from our signature peri-peri recipe to give the Great Pretender a kick of flavours including lemon, herbs and garlic, which all pair so well with our Nando’s African Birds Eye Chilli,” Nando’s Head of Food, Mario Manabe said in a statement. “On top of this, the colour and coarseness of the protein itself and the juiciness of the patty have all been tweaked and re-tweaked to make the Great Pretender an absolute winner.

“Unlike our veggie patty, the Great Pretender’s texture is very similar to a chicken burger patty, and it caramelises and smells just like meat when it’s cooked.”

Brisbane will be the first city to get the new burgers on January 30. The burgers will then be launched in every Nando’s in Queensland from February 4 before rolling out nationwide later this year.