Plans for Australia’s new cyber security strategy have leaked

Photo: Patrick Lux/Getty Images.

The federal government’s first major update to Australia’s national cyber security policy since 2009 has been leaked ahead of its anticipated release, which was expected over the coming weeks.

iTnews says it has seen the new policy, which outlines how the government wants to embrace disruptive technologies from a secure footing. The update has been expected since late 2014 when former prime minister Tony Abbott commissioned the review.

The new strategy focuses on five key areas: strengthening cyber defences, education, partnerships, research and development, and awareness. Much of this relies on the private sector, with joint private-public threat centres to be established in key capital cities. The private sector will also be approached to help design voluntary cyber security guidelines.

Education is also a key pillar, with the government acknowledging there is a cyber security skills crisis and plans to establish “academic centres of excellence” at universities to increase the quality of IT security workers in Australia. The federal government also wants to partner with both state government’s and the private sector to create cyber security apprenticeships within TAFEs.

A boost of cyber skills within the government was also identified as a major importance, with the promise of an increase in size of the national Computer Emergency Response Team, which is the main point of call for major IT security issues. On top of that, the government also wants to increase the number of cyber security professionals within the Australian Federal Police, Crime Commission and the Australian Signals Directorate.

The government has said it will be updating the action plan every 12 months and reviews of the strategy will take place every three years.

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