Check Out Pictures Of People "Planking" -- The Bizarre And Dangerous Trend Sweeping The World


Photo: Courtesy of Brisbane Planking Association/Matt Fernandez

Planking, the art of laying face down in strange, sometimes dangerous, places has become an internet phenomenon. The fad started in Australia and worked it’s way around the world.People lay face down on an object, in a strange place, or in front of a famous monument and have someone snap a photo.

But the sometimes dangerous photo-op is making the news because of one incident that ended in death, and another in a coma.

The game is harmless and fun until someone takes it to the next level and “planks” on the edge of a building, or a train track.

There are even blogs, like iPlanking, and Facebook pages like the Brisbane Planking Association, completely dedicated to the game.

A location plank in Cambodia

Another location plank in front of the Eiffel Tower

Statue of Liberty Plank

Red Square Plank

Sharjah Plank

An escalator plank

A water plank

An airport plank

An aerial plank

And office plank

A fence plank

A plank on a horse

Fancy restaurant plank

Another animal plank, this time next to birds

A bar plank

And underwater plank

A basketball hoop plank

A chimney plank, now we're getting dangerous

A mountain plank

Spongebob Square Pants Plank

Planking is for any age

Planking photos are fun, but this famous internet dog is down right adorable

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